BLAUPUNKT Coffee Grinder FCG701

Grinding coffee before its brewing is a very-essential process, since it helps us to bring out the best taste and aroma from the grains. Therefore, a coffee grinder is the indispensable equipment for every coffee lover.

Blaupunkt, in an effort to meet the needs of coffee enthusiasts, has designed the FCG701 Coffee Grinder, in which, thanks to its maximum power of 200W, you can easily and quickly grind up to 85 grams of grains for preparing the morning coffee. Thanks to the fast rotation of the grinder blades and the bearing design, the grains are not heated during the process of grinding. Thus, the coffee keeps its properties and taste. The removable steel grinding chamber complements the convenience of use and facilitates cleaning the device.

The strong grinding power and blades allow the user to grind not only coffee, but also spices, grains or nuts, which makes the grinder a multi-purpose device.
The aesthetic appearance of the device will take the fancy of every user who gives attention to the modernity of design of his/her kitchen interior.

 Owner’s manual MULTI 

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