BLAUPUNKT Fan heater FHM501

The BLAUPUNKT FHM501 fan heater is a compact, efficient and safe device that provides comfortable warmth in the colder seasons and coolness on summer evenings.

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The FHM501 has two heating modes of 1,000 and 1,500 Watts and a fan mode that is perfect for summer days. Even heat distribution throughout the room is possible thanks to the durable ceramic heating element, which ensures very good thermal efficiency.

A thermostat knob allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your needs. The fan heater maintains the chosen temperature for continuous comfort.

The FHM501 fan heater is equipped with an automatic safety switch that disconnects the power when the device is in the wrong position. In turn, the overheating prevention protects the device and ensures safety during use.

BLAUPUNKT FHM501 is the perfect combination of performance, functionality and safety to create a comfortable indoor environment, whatever the weather. In addition to its functional features, the device’s aesthetic shape, based on simple geometric forms, will also be pleasing to the eye.


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