BLAUPUNKT Table Blender TBG601

With the help of the stand blender, you can quickly and effectively mix all the ingredients when you want to prepare smoothies, cocktails, ice cream, fruit mousses or cream soup for a baby. This appliance is also suitable for ice crushing, which is necessary on summer days to prepare refreshing drinks.

The Blaupunkt TGB601 stand blender with an advanced operation control system is equipped with a handy 1.75 l glass jug in which you can mix a cocktail or cream soup for 2-3 people. The material that the blender is made of allows ice to be crushed without worrying about cracking or scratching the jug. The lid has an additional hole, which provides an option to add ingredients during mixing. The set also includes a pusher for the easier mixing of larger and harder ingredients.

 Owner’s manual MULTI 

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