BLAUPUNKT Vacuum cleaner Hand-held VCP501

Necessary when cleaning nooks and crannies!

The Blaupunkt VCP501 cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner makes quick cleaning considerably easier. It is helpful whenever you want to clean up spilt coffee, remove crumbs from the kitchen table, or collect sand on and round the doormat, without the need to take out a standard vacuum cleaner. It is also indispensable for cleaning the car. The device also facilitates getting to hard-to-reach places, whether in the apartment, office or car.

Small, handy, and lightweight (1.05 kg), the VCP501 model operates for 20 minutes after a full 3-hour charge on the stand with a charging station. With 120 W of motor power, and a powerful 11.1 V BLDC brushless motor, the VCP501 can handle everyday tasks. Easy to remove and empty, the 0.3 l container for dust adds to the convenience of use. Despite its small size and light weight, its suction power is in no way inferior to larger battery vacuum cleaners.

This device can be useful whenever there is a need to clean a car or vacuum the living room couch, as well as under a tent or in a caravan while travelling.

 Owner’s manual MULTI 

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