MATESTAR Table Stove Gas Burner MAT-3SRB

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    Product Description 

  • Power: 3.4kW+0.9kW+ 4.3kW
  • Burner size: Ø100mm / Ø50mm/ Ø120mm
  • Stainless steel panel, non-sticky, easy to clean and durable
  • Rotary & Black burner cap with superior quality: a)High temperature resistant b)Detachable for convenient cleaning and maintenance c)Delicate, inflexible and durable d)Advanced design of burner head with special rotary rings, makes combustion more efficient and energy saving.
  • Adopts special piezoelectric element: a)Automatic ignition b)No batteries or matches needed c)With more than 50.000 times ignition
  • Dimensions: Length: 710mm Width: 370mm Height: 85mm
  • Product Unit: 6 Kg



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