Preparing meat for meat patty, smooth stuffing for dumplings or velvety fillings for poppy seed roll has never been so easy. The electric mincer by PRIME3 guarantees the mincing of up to 1.5 kg of products in 1 minute. With such efficiency, it will certainly live up to the expectations of every demanding lady of the house. Model SMM11, thanks to peak power of up to 1600 W and 3 sieves with hole diameters of 3, 5 and 7 mm, it minces products very evenly and quickly. Given its high efficiency, the device is relatively quiet, as the volume does not exceed 82 dB. All these features make the use of the device not only convenient, but also easy for the chef and the household.

The metal mincing chamber of the SMM11 is extremely durable. If minced products block the screw, you can use the reverse function (reverse gear), remove the blocking product, e.g. cartilage, which hinders grinding and continue working. The white housing of the SMM11, made of BPA-free material that is safe for health, as well as accessories included in the set – a knife, pusher and convenient feeding tray guarantee safe and comfortable operation of the device. One switch with three positions (start, stop, reverse) placed on the side of the housing guarantees a simple and intuitive operation of the device. The SMM11 also does not cause problems in cleaning and maintenance, as access to all parts requiring cleaning is extremely easy.

If you are looking for an efficient and easy to use electric mincer, SMM11 will definitely be a great kitchen helper.

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