BLAUPUNKT Boombox Portable player BB16BK

The BB16 is a new Boombox model from the wide selection of Blaupunkt products. Take the sounds of your favourite songs anywhere you like with this portable 3-in-1 player combo, made to support a variety of audio formats. You can listen to CDs or FM radio stations, or play music directly from a USB flash drive or any other external audio source which can be connected via an AUX socket. This model also features a cassette tape deck, enabling you to play back analogue recordings made on audio cassettes.

The BB16 supports all types of audio CDs, finalised MP3 CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. The player has a fast selection function for CDs with more than 10 tracks, which is particularly useful for music playback from a long list of MP3 files recorded on a single disc. You can navigate between folders to quickly access the tune you want to play, or set up your own play list – for a regular audio CD, you can programme a playing sequence containing up to 20 tracks, or as many as 99 MP3 files. The BB16 offers a shuffle function, as well as a repeat play function for the continuous playback of single tracks, folders or entire CDs. The Intro function allows you to play the first 10 seconds of each track recorded on the disc.

Owner’s manual MULTI

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