BLAUPUNKT Vacuum cleaner for wet and dry vacuuming VCI201

The VCI201 multifunctional vacuum cleaner is designed to vacuum both dry and liquid-stained surfaces. Its high power and effective air filter allow it to work even in the most-difficult conditions. This vacuum-cleaner model will help you keep your house, workshop, and terrace tidy, even when dealing with difficult dirt, e.g. after repairs or post-decorating cleaning.

The VCI201 features a reliable 1,200 W motor, which makes it suitable for cleaning most off any surface. Thanks to the thrust force of 16-18 kPa and the airflow of 1.6 m3/min, this machine can handle even the most-difficult jobs.

The vacuum cleaner features two floor suction brushes. The universal floor brush is all-purpose, and adheres perfectly to the floor, ensuring the very-efficient collecting of dirt from hard surfaces and carpets. The second suction brush is designed to collect moisture from the surface, featuring fine synthetic bristles, and a rubber belt to increase suction efficiency.

 Owner’s manual MULTI 

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