DETON Industrial Wall Powerfull Fan DF650-TW 26″

A Compact Wall Fan With Serious Punch

Ideal for warehouses, factories, and large workshops and very popular in churches and religious halls or indoor areas where large groups gather, this wall fan provides  a powerful stream of air with low noise. The DF models offer a huge displacement of air in 3 speeds. With  versatile and solid wall mount and bracket which can be fixed on any surface or columns to offer even more oscillating options.  ventilates large work areas with ease. The DF Models are designed for heavy workloads and can run continuously for over 5000 working hours without failure. Under normal operating workloads it will offer an impressively long service life.



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  • MODEL: DF650-TW
  • SPEED 1: 1200 RPM / 165 CBM/Min / 55 DB / 165W
  • SPEED 2: 1400 RPM / 190 CBM/Min / 60 dB / 190W
  • SPEED 3: 1600 RPM / 245 CBM/Min / 68 dB / 230W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 187W
  • Air Delivery: 220²/min
       Product description
  1. Optimized impeller structure.
  2. Large air volume  and low noise .
  3. Motor with a long service life .
  4. Three speeds, Oscillation angle adjustable, dense or sparse grill and two or three blades is optional.
  5. Used for cooling and ventilation in factories, workshops, warehouses, and more.
  6. 20”, 24”, 26” and 30” is optional.
  7. Air volume: 7800-18000 m³/h.


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